Physical Therapy Clinic


  Prior to treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal and neurological conditions, the patient will be evaluated to determine the level of impairment which affects his/her functional activities. The therapist will discuss the results with the patient/family member. A personal treatment plan will be developed based on the patient's specific needs. After a treatment plan has been designed the patient will begin orthopedic or neurological rehabilitation.
  On average, therapy sessions last 30-45 minutes. These sessions may include depending on the patient diagnosis the following services:

Manual Therapy
Neuro Reeducation
Therapeutic Activities
Therapeutic Exercise Program
Assistive/Adaptive Equipment
Balance Training
Falls Prevention

Functional Capacity  Evaluation (FCE)

Work Hardening/conditioning
Joint Mobilization
Vestibular Rehabilitation for vertigo and dizziness problems.
Gait Training
Bed Mobility
Transfer Training
Orthotic Assessment/Training
LSVT Big® Protocol for Parkinson's Disease ( Lee Silverman Voice Treatment)
Bioness® Training
Patient/Caregiver Education
Body Mechanical / Postural Training
Myofascial Release/Mobilization